Table Recess Power Socket Console With Network

SKU: WTR 265-118-67/Silver/3MS/2RJ45


Witura series of table recess power socket console is designed as an pop up socket console with multi-functional configuration, it can be hidden into the table to anti-electric shock and saving space. Press the control button,the socket panel will 45 degree pop up form the desktop for use, Once it is un-use, press the panel to the desk to close.Then the socket console panel of the socket will be flush with the desktop.

Witura series table recess power socket console widely used for the high-tier office table, conference room table AV solution, hotel room and training room.


Advantage of Table Recess Power Socket Console 
1.Hidden design to save more space and makes a modern office environment
2.Competitive price and high quality
3.Made by zinc alloy material, which is corrosion resistant, wear-resistant,smooth surface and not easy to scratch.
4.High quality 3mm panel thickness panel surface, not easy to bend
5.The modules can be customized as the customer’s requirement
6.1.5MM Cable length,pre-wired styles are available
7. Easy installation, just cut out a square hole on the table and install the socket accordingly.


Table Recess Power Socket Console with Network

For a convenient and efficient way to power your electronics from your desktop, consider the table recess power socket console with network or built-in power and data units. Whether you’re a individual tired of searching below your desk for an outlet, or a company looking for a convenient powering mechanism for the boardroom, there are plenty of desk power receptacle options for your powering needs. Witura series are a classic go-to when it comes to desk power units; they line the holes in desktops, floors, counter tops and virtually any surface in need of cable access. Witura series of table recess power socket console provide abrasion protection from the cut edges of the holes and keep all wires bundled together neatly, so you don’t have to worry about a jumbled mess of cords on your work surface.

If you prefer a different mode of data and power desktop outlet protection, Witura series table recess power socket console offers three ground power outlets and two Ethernet connection ports with a metal surface and a flip-up lid.

Use the Table Recess Power Socket Console and Network for :-

Board Room
Training Room
Reception Desk
Conference Table/ Meeting Table
School Furniture
Glass Table
Call Centre Furniture


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