Recess Table Top Console With 4 Socket Outlet

SKU: WTR 265-118-67/Silver/4MS

Having power access on your desktop table, podium and stage adds convenience for you and your guests while keeping the working space in order. Installing Witura Series Pop-Up Table Box or Recess Table Top Console With 4 Socket Outlet will allow a clean set-up never having to search around or under you desk to access power receptacles.

With a zinc alloys metal box construction, Recess Table Top Console With 4 Socket Outlet offer a robust leaf spring design, and a fixed closing tab (slide to open and close), this box features less complicated parts which allows for a more durable, long-lasting power center.

Also a feature that most other power centers are not able to do, the actual module power unit or Recess Table Top Console is detachable from the metal box, this means maintenance or replacement can be done by simply removing a few screws.


Recess Table Top Console With 4 Switch Socket Outlet

The Witura Series of Recess Table Top Console With 4 Socket Outlet can be recessed in desktops and counter tops, ideal for use in kitchens , office and hotels. Witura recess table top console features a flip up lid to give easy maintenance by protecting against dust and liquid spills

4 x 13A multiple switch socket made from premium grade zinc alloy finish. IP-Rating – IP20.

The socket is compact in design, measuring 265 x 118 x 87mm high

For installation, it requires a cutout hole of 225 x 110mm.






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