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The Witura power backup for WiFi Modem, Router and CCTV camera system provides short-term electric power to the cameras, recorders, router, monitor, and all the necessary counterparts connected to it, so that the camera can work even when power goes out.
Whether you want to build a PoE or wireless home security camera with battery backup, the Witura power backup could help with it. This power backup for router and modem is only cost very low prices, but you can provide a good and new solution to your customer rather than selling the same CCTV products similar to your competitive and completing in prices.
Furthermore, give your customers modem and router their own battery backup and they will able to use the Internet longer while also helping protect them from damaging voltage and current spikes
Bottom line: A CCTV, door access, computer without Internet access is virtually useless if that’s what it’s primarily used for.



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