3G Intercom


Answer Your Doorbell With Your Mobile Phone While You Are Not At home

A Cutting Edge Intercom with A Twist. Answer Your Doorbell with your mobile phone regardless of whether you are home or not, talk to the visitors and open the gate with your mobile phone.




The WT-9002 3G Intercom & Access Control has seen a broad market penetration and is approved by many customers with diverse challenging needs and innovative requirements. These versatile ready-to-use gadgets offer total solutions to users to gain a competitive edge in the crowded marketplace.

The WT-9002 is a clever application of mobile phone technology which forms part of a gate automation system that allows you to open your gate with your mobile phone regardless of whether you are home or not. It has a wireless intercom in front of your gate that includes a speaker, a microphone and a “Call” push button. When the “Call” push button is pressed by a visitor, the system will call the owner’s phone number automatically via the UMTS network allowing him to speak to the visitor in spite of the location of the telephone being called. Communicate and allow entry from anywhere in the world as there is no limitation on the distance as to how far the system works. No longer let visitors realize you are out or away as every time the Intercom button is pressed a call is made to your mobile. Should the visitor require access to your property when you are not there, opening the door or gates is a simple matter of adding a number into your phone.

The 3G intercom is also linked to an electronic door release, allowing the owner to unlock the front door from the mobile phone keypad, using a password. Should the owner wish to allow entry to the visitor, he merely needs to enter the password on his cellular phone and the visitor is granted access to the premises! The system can call up to 3 mobile phone or land line numbers in the order they were programmed into the system. When the homeowner is at home and doesn’t need the 3G mobile functionality, the 3G doorbell can be switched to normal doorbell mode with a single key push.

Another additional feature of the WT- 9002 is its capability to allow up to 1000 registered users to open any garage door or gate with their cellular phone or landline phone and all this at ABSOLUTELY NO COST OF A CALL TO  THE USER!. If any of these users call the system, it will reject the call and open the gate without any cost of call. However, if the incoming call is not from a registered user, the door will never open. Absolutely foolproof! No hassle. In addition to the cost effective measure, the WT-9002 also comes with 2 inputs which can be connected to motion sensors or magnetic sensors, to smoke detectors, door and window sensors and in the event of any intrusion or break-in, the alarm system will be triggered off and a warning text message will be sent out to 3 cellular phones. Deter possible burglary or break-in attempts by answering your doorbell and giving the impression that you are home when in reality you’re not!

The WT-9002 3G Intercom & Access Control System™ combines a comprehensive package, fully meeting all specifications and resulting in a cost-efficient solution to the state of the art. The product will be of tremendous value to entrepreneurs and commercial users. This is a big benefit in industrial, urban or civilized areas with the ever growing need for such state-of-the-art technology. For example, a  practical everyday benefit is having your children come home  unexpectedly early from school and being unable to let them in without having to rush home and physically opening the door or missing a courier delivery which requires signing for. By a direct voice connection to the courier, alternative delivery instructions such as a different address to deliver can be communicated or simply to instruct delivery on another day when you will definitely be home.

A regional health authority in Europe has put the Witura 3G Intercom to good use by giving nurses the opportunity to respond more quickly to calls from home patients without first having to drive to a central key-holding depot to collect a front door key. In this manner, when a nurse arrives at a patient’s front door and presses the 3G doorbell, the call is taken by the regional call centre, and the operator will be able to open the door. This approach saves time which is crucial in responding to emergency calls from house-bound patients especially in life and death circumstances.

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