About Us

We export worldwide; we have customers from all over the world.

Product Design

Telecommunication Industry – LTE broadband. Modem, 3G Desktop Phone, GSM desktop phone, 1 port, 4 ports, 8 ports 3G/GSM Gateway, VoIP phone, ATA, WiFi Phone

Security Industry - 9 zones wireless 3G alarm, 8 zones wired alarm, GSM line simulator, single and 3 phase power failure alarm, animal trap alarm Remote Monitoring & Control System - 1, 2 , 8 1/O, pulse counter function, timer function, digital and analogue input, temperature monitor using 3G, GSM and WiFi technology

Well positioned. Production site in China, Management office in Malaysia. Our main key of success is our staffs. We utilised the talents from the best City to produce our product. Product Certified to ISO 9001, CE, FCC, ETSI.